Sculptured Driftwood Lamps

driftwood lampbase

Some of the driftwood I use has been weathered for hundreds of years.

Each find on the beach is so exciting and takes many hours to turn into a lamp that will be used for many years to come. These driftwood lamps are versatile for use in modern and period homes. You can be sure they will be a talking point when seen by friends as each piece is completely unique. Some lamps are have considerable intricacy other have a pleasant simplicity about them. The use of driftwood gives a sense of the fresh freedom of the beach right inside your home, which brings a nice furnishing element to any home environment.

Whenever I find a piece of driftwood, I always like to maximize the potential of it. The proportion the shade texture and colour all matter.

I do not supply lampshades as they are best chosen to compliment your other furnishings and are readily available on any highstreet.

All lamps are delivered FREE(UK only)

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